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Are YOU The Sailor Mars Master?

The instructions are simple. To the following questions there is one correct answer. 
All you have to do is E-mail me with the correct answers. Example: 1)a 2)b 3)c 
(not actual right answers.) If it is a question specific to the manga, it will have an 
(M) beside it. If it is specific to the anime, it will have (A) beside it. If it is general, 
it will be left plain. None refer to the North American. Good luck!!

1) What chapter does Sailor Mars first appear in? (M)
a) 2
b) 3
c) 4
d) 7
e) 10

2) What is the title of this chapter?
A) Jedite's demise
b) Rei
c) The Phantom Bus
d) Fire Soul
e) Sailor Mars

3) How many times has Rei seen Mamoru naked? (A)
a) once
b) never!!
c) almost ten times

4) Is she the (A)
a) first scout to die in; Day of Destiny?
b) second?
c) third?
d) fourth?
e) fifth?
f) she doesn't.

5) How often do Rei and Usagi fight? (M)
a) every time they meet
b) never
c) Every once in awhile
d) Only about important matters
e) Only over leadership disputes.

6) Sailor Mars is one of Princess Serenity's guardians, soldier of:
a) protection
b) leadership
c) battle
d) intuition
e) passion

7) Who gave her this title?
a) Luna and Artemis
b) Sailor Moon
c) Queen Serenity
d) King Endymion
e) Neo-Queen Serenity

8) Who kills Sailor Mars in the SailorStars series? (M)
a) Sailor Lead Crow
b) Sailor Aluminum Siren
c) Sailor Galaxia 
d) Sailor Iron Mouse
e) Sailor Starfighter

9) In the episode of Sailor Moon when the scouts are pretending to fight amongst
each other to trick Kunzite, why does Sailor Mars have the Crescent Moon wand?(A)
a) Because she stole it from Sailor Moon
b) Because Usagi left it in her room
c) Because Usagi gave it to her in confidence for that battle
d) Because Luna told Sailor Mars to keep it.
e) Because it was always rightfully belonging to Rei.

10) Who did Rei first fall in love with? (In her present life) (M)
a) Mamoru
b) Yuuichiru
c) Yaten Kou
d) Mr. Kaidou
e) Jedite

11) What did Naoko say bothered her about the Anime Rei?
a) That they made her hair black rather than purple.
b) That they had completely altered her personality
c) That they had made her fall for Mamoru
d) That they had made it seem that she was jealous and spiteful of Usagi.
e) That her crows never became human.

12) What happened in Usagi and Rei's first encounter?
a) Usagi told Rei she was Sailor Mars.
b) Usagi accused Rei of being responsible for the disappearing buses.
c) Rei threw a parchment scroll at Usagi.
d) Rei's crows attacked Usagi
e) Usagi helped Rei with her chores

13) What did Luna first think of Rei? (M)
a) That she may be an enemy
b) That she may be the moon princess
c) That she was the third senshi
d) That she was very mean
e) That she was creepy

14) Why did Usagi follow Rei home when she first saw her?(M)
a) Because luna had told her too.
b) Because she wanted Rei to tell her future.
c) Because she was suspicious of Rei.
d) Because she knew Rei was a senshi.
e) Because she thought Rei was very beautiful.

15) What other senshi once yelled at Rei and told her that she hated her?(M)
a) Minako
b) Usagi
c) Makoto
d) Haruka
e) Chibi-Usa

16) What did Rei do for her 15th birthday?(M)
a) Threw a party.
b) Invited the senshi for a meeting.
c) Kissed Yuuichiru
d) Went away to meditate
e) Visited her father

Well, I hope you did well!! Here's one more bonus question, 
if you get it wrong it won't count but if you get it right you
receive a bonus point.

17) Who kills Rei's crows?
a) Yuuichiru
b) Galaxia
c) Sailor Moon
d) Mamoru
e) Sailor Galaxia
f) Sailor Lead Crow
g) Jedite
h) Death

Simply send your answers to the link below
and find out if you are the Master!!!

You have to compete with people for the title of the Master