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Sailor Andie!

This is actually Sailor Saturn, but I'm using this pic to represent her 'cuz I don't have a scanner. Andrea, or Andie, Andy, Andi, Candy, D.D., And, Drea, Whatever. Lotsa nicknames for this one!! Due to circumstances out od my control involving extreme drug abuse, Stephanie and I no longer communicate. But Andrea's cooler anyways and she's much too smart to get into extreme substance abuse!! Andrea is really really smart. She's majorly obsessed with Prodigy member Keith Flint, so if anyone has any really interesting information on him, it would be appreciated!! She's a lot like me, she too likes most of the stuff on my page. I've only known her for about eight months, but I gotta say she's the coolest person I've ever met. She's an amazingly loyal friend and quality companion. She actually looks a lot like Sailor Saturn, unlike Stephanie. As soon as I get a scanner I'll show U!

Below are pictures of Sailor Saturn. There are a lot of them and they're all very cool.

Saturn pics

Manga Saturn with Glaive
Awesome Anime Pic
Cool black and white pic.
Worried pic of Anime Hotaru
Cute manga Hotaru
Black n White anime Saturn
Manga saturn glaring
Hotaru Stylin'
Cute 'n stylin'
A defiant little Hotaru
Hotaru as bridesmaid
Lookin' unhappy
Settle down Hotaru...
Mistress 9 with holy grail
She's naked!!
Saturn takes control!
Hotaru in purple overalls
Hotaru dressed in black (as usual)
Mistress 9 looking down condescendingly
Saurn and Chibi Moon
Weird but cute
Baby Hotaru looks very ghostly
Black and White
In black school uniform
Hotaru holding her hat on
Death Reborn Revolution!!!
Hotaru looking hungrily at sailor moon's locket
A pinkish apparition of Hotaru's spirit
Mistress 9 and Hotaru
Manga purple thang
She looks concerned
She looks happy
She looks like she's on drugs
Cool Collage
Eternal Saturn looking chilly
She looks worried
'Surprised to see me?'
Hands grabbing Hotaru
Hotaru under a chandelier
Hi. How's it goin'
Mistress 9 with Professor Tomoe
Kinda strange, yet still cool
Hotaru and Chibi Usagi
Shhhh!! She's asleep!
Hotaru in school uniform
Cute lil' saturn
That's a pretty white dress!
Teeny tiny saturn
Eternal sailor saturn
She's blushing
Saturn in a kimhota
Shot from her past
Hotaru surrounded by other Hotaru pics