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This is Rydia

This isn't a very good picture, it also portrays her as a child rather than an adult but the bottom picture on the FF2 section is her as an adult.

Rydia is a caller of Mist. Her powers include bad fighting, amazingly powerful black magic and the power to summon monsters to battle for her. She's basically a nice person and seems sensitive and sort of withdrawn. She has no family as her mother was killed when she was very young. She has no definite romantic interest but was nearing towards Edge, another character. For her to be revealed more fully, please read my story!

Cecil of Baron

Cecil is actually the main character in Final Fantasy 2. It began when he was expelled from his command as the leader of the Red Wings (the warships that were often used for stealing crystals from other communities) after showing sympathy for the other communities. After realizing his nation had become evil, he trys to rescue his sweetheart Rosa from it. Between everything that happens, the Dark Knight decides he will conquer the evil rather than escape from it. He becomes a Paladin, a Sacred Knight who weilds the sword of good. His powers include excellant fighting, pathetic white magic and the option to cover weaker members of the party during battle. He is very noble and determined. He is also very kind with his girlfriend Rosa. You have this character throughout the whole game.