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Eponine Thenardier & Les Miserables

On My Own... Pretending He's Beside Me...

Miserable, then death.

Eponine Thenardier grew up poor, and was used as a pawn to keep money in the family by her father.

Eponine falls in love with the Baron, Marius Pontmercy. She helps him locate the woman of his fancy, saves him from being robbed at her own expense, saves his life then dies. And he never loved her back. She is an outstanding character.

The whole story of les Miserables is quite intruigueing. The musical is brilliant! The scores full and lush without sounding operetic.

Eponine isn't the only noteworthy character, there's Valjean, the convict who served 19 years in jail for stealing a loaf of bread. Gavroche, the lively street urchin and the unfortunate Fantine. Fantine sold everything, including her body and life to support her daughter Cosette. Eponine's Father had been cheating her to sponge more money off her. Cosette later grows up to be Marius' love interest.

The storyline is very ironic.

Some of the most talented vocalists I have ever heard have performed this masterpiece, such as Colm Wilkinson who has perfected the part of Valjean, Phillip Quast as Javert, the police officer persueing Valjean, Ruthie Henshall as a passionate Fantine and Frances Ruffelle as the perfect image of Eponine.

If you've never experienced les Miserables I suggest you have a look at some of the links below. If you think it sucks you can kick my cyber-ass.

Give Les Miserables a try!

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