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The Sweetest Guy In The World! in my opinion...

The guy I'm taliking about is MY boyfriend, Jan. This Tuxedo Kamen pic is just representing him because I don't have a scanner.

My ex-boyfriend Jan is ultra cool!! He's tall, (taller than me, anyways...), lanky and SEXY!! He's a really nice guy with a good heart. He knew how to make me, the scum of the earth, feel like an empress. I just wanna let the world of the web know of his divinity and maybe make a few people jealous!!! Tee hee. He's actually very talented too, he's smart, an amazing artist and has a creative mind! I can picture him being a famous film maker in a few years... He's really unique too, not stereotypical..I've broken up with him, but somehow I still feel compelled to keep this section of my page up... he was a mayor part of my life for more than half a year, so... I don't know how it all happened, but gradually, things started sucking.... See, I posted it. Laugh at me. Ha Ha. 'You broke up with your perfect boyfriend! Sucker!' Go ahead, laugh, hell, I think it's funny$@%^&#I* DAMN SADISTS! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA ahem..heh...sorry about that