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Rei Hino/Sailor Mars

The spiritual leader of the scouts.

Rei Hino, Raye Hino, Raya Hino, Rea Hino!

Raya is her name in the french version of Sailor moon. (Manga Version) and Rea is what they call her in spanish. Her name means Soul of Fire, or that's what I've been told. Dontcha think Naoko Takeuchi (creator of Sailor Moon) must have planned Sailor Moon carefully to have their names all correspond with their powers? Just a thought...

Enough about her name. I'll do the basic stats from the MANGA with Anime in '<>'s and North american Anime in '()'s.

Age: When the series begins she is fourteen, but by the end she is sixteen. (14) She is the oldest out of the five inner senshi due to her space as Aries, first astrologically. They were re-born at the beginning of the astro cycle. Comprende?

Birthday:April 17

Blood Type: AB. AB blood types are rare and those who have them generally have proud and sometimes condescending attitudes. Not right for Hotaru, but....

Astrological sign: Aries. I've always found Rei to correspond more correctly to Scorpio and Taurus... But I'm sure Naoko was thinking of Aries being the mars sign...

Guys: She doesn't have much interest in men and find them to be a waste of time. Her motto is not to depend on a man. (Rei dates often in the Anime.) She dated Mamoru (non seriously) for a bit.In the manga Yuicchiro (Chad) does not exist. She also had feelings for Chad which her pride would not allow her to show. (In the N/A version she finds Chad to be cute but doesn't much like him and actually kinda teases him.)

Guardian: Just like Usagi has Luna, in the Manga, Rei's crows are in fact her protectors who can assume a human form when Rei is in danger.

Relationships with other scouts: In the manga, Rei is serious, religeous and not so much of a cheery social person. She more tends to keep to herself. If with one of the scouts you'd usually find her in the company of Makoto or Minako. Dream: Rei wants to Follow in the footsteps of her grandfather and become a great shinto priestess, A Miko. (In the Anime she also has leanings towards singing, modeling and marrying.)

Strenghth: Although her teaching is in a shinto temple, it is questionable whether or not she's actually had training in the martial arts. She is the strongest physically of the inner scouts, after Makoto of course. Her true strength lies in her wisdom and psychic powers. She has frighteningly accurate and strong intuition and even slight pyrokenetics when in human form.

Power Unknown: Did U all know that Rei becomes SuperStarMars in the Manga? Kinda looks like Eternal Sailor Moon's outfit. Another power she didn't receive in the Anime that I know about is the fire serpant attack.

Romance: In the Manga, Rei never had any interest in Mamoru whatsoever. Back in the silver millenium, Rei was in love with Jadeite, before Queen Beryl got control of him.

Family: Rei is an only child. She lives alone with her grandfather (Who in the original anime is a total pervert)in a temple. Her mother died when she was very young but Rei still has visions and dreams about her sometimes. Her father is a politician and hardly seems to ever make time to see Rei, even on her birthday. (evil...)

School: Rei attends TA private girls' school which works as a junior high and high school in a way which makes it so it's not necessary for her to take high school entrance exams.

Favourite color(s): Red and Black. Just like Mamoru...

Dislike: Rei doesn't really enjoy Television. She finds it to be a waste of time which does nothing for her.

Power: Rei's power comes from Mars, of course. Her attacks are basically all Fire related.

A Bit Of Insight: In the Anime the last person I'd match Rei's character with is Hotaru's because Hotaru was reclusive, very sweet, kind, lonely and softspoken. Wheras Rei is always out and about, sort of conceited, loudmouthed and could be less than nice. In the manga they are actually a lot alike and it would've been cool if Naoko had made them get to know each other better... Just a thought...


1) What chapter does Sailor Mars first appear in? (M) a) 2 b) 3 c) 4 d) 7 e) 10

Chapter 3. Not to be confused with episode 10.

2) What is the title of this chapter? A) Jedite's demise b) Rei c) The Phantom Bus d) Fire Soul e) Sailor Mars

The title of the chapter was Rei.

3) How many times has Rei seen Mamoru naked? (A) a) once b) never!! c) almost ten times

Once. Believe it? Her was staying at her temple during the Sailormoon SuperS series. When he was about to have a bath Rei walked in and got quite an eyeful. Usagi was quite upset.

4) Is she the (A) a) first scout to die in; Day of Destiny? b) second? c) third? d) fourth? e) fifth? f) she doesn't.

Fourth. She is actually the last scout to die, cuz sailor moon doesn't die. Hee hee. She lasted the longest!

5) How often do Rei and Usagi fight? (M) a) every time they meet b) never c) Every once in awhile d) Only about important matters e) Only over leadership disputes.

Never. Really, I swear it! In the manga Rei and Usagi never fight, nor did Rei ever try to assume leadership of the scouts.

6) Sailor Mars is one of Princess Serenity's guardians, soldier of: a) protection b) leadership c) battle d) intuition e) passion

Sailor Mars was given the title of Soldier of Battle

7) Who gave her this title? a) Luna and Artemis b) Sailor Moon c) Queen Serenity d) King Endymion e) Neo-Queen Serenity

Neo-queen Serenity (Usagi's future self) Gave Rei this title after the scouts saved the future from planet Nemesis.

8) Who kills Sailor Mars in the SailorStars series? (M) a) Sailor Lead Crow b) Sailor Aluminum Siren c) Sailor Galaxia d) Sailor Iron Mouse e) Sailor Starfighter

Sailor Lead Crow kills Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus together in the manga.

9) In the episode of Sailor Moon when the scouts are pretending to fight amongst each other to trick Kunzite, why does Sailor Mars have the Crescent Moon wand?(A) a) Because she stole it from Sailor Moon b) Because Usagi left it in her room c) Because Usagi gave it to her in confidence for that battle d) Because Luna told Sailor Mars to keep it. e) Because it was always rightfully belonging to Rei.

Everyone who's seen the T.V. show would pick B. But the truth is in the original Japanese script she had it because Usagi had givin it to her for that battle so the answer is actually C.

10) Who did Rei first fall in love with? (In her present life) (M) a) Mamoru b) Yuuichiru c) Yaten Kou d) Mr. Kaidou e) Jedite

The answer is D. Mr Kaidou, her father's assistant. This was before she became a Sailor Scout. The turnout is mostly responsible for Rei's bitterness towards men.

11) What did Naoko say bothered her about the Anime Rei? a) That they made her hair black rather than purple. b) That they had completely altered her personality c) That they had made her fall for Mamoru d) That they had made it seem that she was jealous and spiteful of Usagi. e) That her crows never became human.

That they completely altered her personality. It's true, if you compare and contrast.

12) What happened in Usagi and Rei's first encounter? a) Usagi told Rei she was Sailor Mars. b) Usagi accused Rei of being responsible for the disappearing buses. c) Rei threw a parchment scroll at Usagi. d) Rei's crows attacked Usagi e) Usagi helped Rei with her chores

This is on thing that is common to the anime: Like in the first episode involving Rei, she did throw a parchment scroll at Usagi.

13) What did Luna first think of Rei? (M) a) That she may be an enemy b) That she may be the moon princess c) That she was the third senshi d) That she was very mean e) That she was creepy

Luna thought that Rei had the beauty and grace of a princess. Then she thought that maybe Rei might be the moon princess.

14) Why did Usagi follow Rei home when she first saw her?(M) a) Because luna had told her too. b) Because she wanted Rei to tell her future. c) Because she was suspicious of Rei. d) Because she knew Rei was a senshi. e) Because she thought Rei was very beautiful.

Usagi followed her home because she was infatuated with Rei's exquisite beauty.

15) What other senshi once yelled at Rei and told her that she hated her?(M) a) Minako b) Usagi c) Makoto d) Haruka e) Chibi-Usa

Minako yelled at Rei and told her that she hated her. In the manga Minako once goes to Re's school to try to fit in with the rich girl atmosphere, and when she doesn't fit in she gets jealous and upset at rei and tells her she hates her.

16) What did Rei do for her 15th birthday?(M) a) Threw a party. b) Invited the senshi for a meeting. c) Kissed Yuuichiru d) Went away to meditate e) Visited her father

She went up to a mountain to meditate, not to be confused with her fourteenth when she tried to see her father.

17) Who kills Rei's crows? a) Yuuichiru b) Galaxia c) Sailor Moon d) Mamoru e) Sailor Galaxia f) Sailor Lead Crow g) Jedite h) Death

The same person who kills Sailormars herself also kills her two guardians Phobos and Deimos; Sailor Lead Crow

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