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I am a person who believes in logic above everything. I am probably a skeptic. I don't believe in things such as ghosts, monsters and life after death because I have seen no evidence that any of these things exist. I will try to lest you understand my point of view. As for life after death, We are only particles of cells put together in a complicated way. We are born, we eat, drink and move to live and if we failto do these things or if we get too sick we die. Scientifically we are like robots. We are programmed to survive and when our program runs out we shut down. I don't see how a spirit fits in to this concept at all. The concept of our spirit being somehow detatched from our physical bodies is illogical. We behave the way we do because of how we instinctively respod to our surroundings, there is nothing spiritual about it. As for ghosts, people who claim to have seen them probably believe they have. But it does not go any further than a hallucination or a misinterpretation. I do not believe in monsters and evil creatures that lurk from the unknown. I believe that there may be a species on earth that we have yet to identify, but as far as monsters go, humans are the most evil creatures on this planet I do, however, believe in the existance of life on other planets, maybe even intelligent life. As for this solar system, I think we're limited to plant life on Mars. But perhaps further away there's life. Not little green men of course but there is most likely another civilization somewhere very far away. After all, space goes on forever, does it not? And infinity is a lot. If we all truly believed that we were the center of the universe I would have to tell everyone to open their eyes and get over themselves.