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Welcome to Sailor Eponine's Domain!

Welcome to my page!The pic above is Sailormars along with other characters featured on my page. Sailor Mars rocks! And so does Salorsaturn. The Sailor Mars section is coming along well! It has very in-depth info. THERE IS NOW A SAILOR MARS EXTREME INTELLIGENCE MASTER!! Her name is Mistress Flint. She doesn't have a page or E-mail, sadly.... But her comments are featured in the sailor Mars section. As are the answers to the quiz. The Sailor Saturn page has a lot of great pics with more to come! The Lez Mis (Les Miserables)section is definitely worth looking at for people who may not have really experienced it. Believe me, you should! There's not much out there on Final Fantasy 2, check that out too! In that section there's also a story I've written... E-mail on it is appreciated! Well, enjoy yourself and please E-mail me, even to tell me my page sucks!

Places to go on my site!

Mars Power!
In depth info, and the Sailor Mars Intelligence quiz!!
Sailor Andie
Stuff on my best friend with some nice Sailor Saturn pics!
Les Miserables
Try les Miz! It's awesome! Stuff about it's best character, Eponine as well.
Final Fantasy 2
Also includes fan-fic and character info!

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Rydia Thenardier (sailor Eponine)
Montreal, E-mail me!!!